Why Choose An Independent Pharmacy

These days, people are able to get their prescription medication at a number of big chain stores like Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart, and various grocery stores. Many consumers like the idea of being able to grab their prescriptions while doing other shopping as well. That being said, there are many benefits to choosing an independent and local pharmacy. From a caring staff to hard to find services, shopping at a local pharmacy has several advantages. Better Communication When you go with a large pharmacy, it’s easy to start to feel like just another number. In a small, independent pharmacy, a pharmacist often has more time to answer your questions and ease any concerns you may have about your medications. This can be particularly beneficial if you have a complicated drug regimen or are helping a family member who is in poor health. Personal Care and Attention A lack of pressure from corporate offices and a smaller customer base means that the staff at an independent pharmacy can get to know people on a much deeper level than their larger counterparts. They are not only aware of a person’s current ailments but better understand their medical history. They get to know a customer, their family, and more details about them which leads to a personal relationship, great service, and a great experience. Additional Services Independent pharmacies are often able to offer services that simply can’t be found at a large chain pharmacy. From local delivery to in depth consultations, you should find out what an independent pharmacy can offer and benefit you that may be hard or even impossible to find at your average chain store. Support Local While you’ll likely never meet the CEO of CVS, it’s highly possible you’ll get to know the owner of an independent pharmacy. An independent pharmacy owner is not only likely supporting a family, but they live and work right in your community and the money you spend stays right within the economy there as well. By choosing to support local, you’re helping support the future of the business and have a hand in shaping your community. Lear Pharmacy has been family owned, operated, and independently run since 1916. With over 100 years in business right here in Ansonia, we pride ourselves on treating our customers with the highest level of attention and offering services that serve to benefit you and make your life easier. Visit us at 198 Wakelee Street in Ansonia or call 203-735-7433 to see for yourself how choosing a local, independent pharmacy is the best choice for you and your loved ones.

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